printConnected - print management software

printConnected - print management software

printConnected - print management softwareprintConnected - print management software

Managing your clients print
Production and finishing
Stock control
Print delivery logistics 

Reporting & dashboards, printconnected online & auditing


Reporting & Dashboards

printConnected print management software has a built in report writer and Dashboard designer which enables you to create the reporting data of your choice. The system comes with many editable Reports & Dashboards.


printConnected Online

The online features allows your clients to call off stock items which are then processed in printConnected. Features include personalisation, authorisation as well as re ordering alerts and ownership reviewing. This is all tightly controlled by the printConnected user. Landing pages can also be personalised for your client.



Every job you create has an audit trail which tracks every action to provide a history. Audit trails are also available for stock items.

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