client reviews

Cascade Business Supplies Ltd


“I’m generally very happy with Optima/printConnected. We trialled several systems having decided a few years ago to implement a MIS system and Optima/printConnected stood out head and shoulders above the others.

The software was written and developed by a Print Management professional and therefore all the challenges and requirements that we face on a day to day basis are catered for.

The printConnected team have been very supportive and bespoke enhancements have been made to the software to meet our needs. This ongoing support and the level of Account Management has exceeded our expectations.”

DM Design & Print Ltd


'Optima/printConnected has been a vital business tool for us. It enables us to keep all our client and supplier information in one place. It minimises mistakes and maximises profits.'

Print Image Network Ltd


We have been using Optima/printConnected for 15 years and it is currently used by approximately 19 members of the Print Image Network team. We have 3 separate billing companies and process thousands of jobs every year.

Most of the jobs that we process consist of multi components. For example, we may order many items of print, lasering, mailing, artwork, envelopes etc in order to arrive at the master job specification. We find the Optima/printConnected system handles all these aspects perfectly. We use the system for enquiries, orders and invoicing. Invoice information is then exported to our Sage Accounts System and works really well.

We can send out enquiries for up to 4 different quantities on each component and all costs are brought together on one screen which allows us to look at the overall price picture of a job and evaluate a sales price.

Suppliers & Customers (linked in with prospects) are viewed from an alphabetical screen which can be filtered and once a company is selected, all relevant job information is then shown on various screens.

We have a variety of specific Reports set up, although we don't use all that are available.

Overall, the Print Image Network users find the system concise in what it does - for instance portraying relevant job information, be it specification, delivery record and tracking who has made what changes, or sent what document.